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Pedro Figari began his career as a defense lawyer in the 1880’s and eventually became active in journalism, politics and the arts. He was a member of the Uruguayan Parliament, director of the Escuela Nacional de Artes y Oficios and was instrumental in establishing the Escuela de Bellas Artes. 

While Figari painted casually for most of his life, he did not solidify his career as an artist until his 60’s. His chosen subject matter often reflects village life depicted in the post-impressionist vein. He sought to evoke the essence of a way of life, not just an object or a landscape. In this way, Figari established himself as a prominent figure in the search for a unique Latin style – one which was distinct from that of Europe and which offered a “return to the origins” of humble country life. 


Roberto Matta (Chile, 1911-2002)


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